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(These were given out specific for a month on Patreon and were archived after that month. Archived Access is given to supporters subscribed for their month. If you did not have access to them they are still available on Cult3D and MyMiniFactory. Occasionally they will be re-released as bonus models on random months)
  • First Design Snake
  • Crystal Dragon
  • Rose Dragon
  • Woodland Dragon
  • Void Sea Dragon
  • Flying Serpent
  • Clover Dragon
  • Easter Dragon
  • Crystal Wall Mount Dragon Stand
  • Sugar Cube Gliders
  • Jellyfish Dragon
  • Dune Striker
  • Dessurtle (Dessert Turtle)
(These are PATREON EXCLUSIVES and always available when joining this Patreon. To access please follow the link and log in using your Patreon Account) 
  • Void Octopus
  • Coral Reef Dragon
  • Baby Crystal Dragon
  • Baby Rose Dragon
  • Baby Woodland Dragon
  • Baby Flying Serpent
  • Baby Void Sea Dragon
  • Baby Clover Dragon
  • Baby Easter Dragon
  • Crystalwing Dragon

Hi! I’m Tracy!

I’m a veteran, full-time mom, and entrepreneur at heart that LOVES designing and 3D printing fun and unique creations! My addiction is articulating creatures and I love pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new designs and engineering!
My head is constantly bursting with ideas for fun new designs!

My other half is my husband, Richard! He does all the behind-the-scenes printing and mechanical work -creating stunning, colorful, and high quality prints!

By supporting us you are supporting this incredible dream of ours and literally helping us to make these ideas come to life!
We are so excited, passionate, and thankful for the support!

Please take a look at just a few of the AMAZING CREATIONS printed by my Patrons!  Thank you all for your support!

These are stunning!